UIUC Engineering Open House Presents

The Power of Us

April 8-9, 2022 @ UIUC, In-Person, Open to All

NOTE: Many exhibits have moved back outside. Scroll down to see locations!

What is EOH?

As winter draws to a close, engineering students at the University Illinois at Urbana-Champaign set aside a weekend to show off what they have been working on all year long. Students from every discipline of engineering set up exhibits to remind the general public of the role that science plays in everyday life and to show the difference that technology will make in the future. Sponsoring awards and competitions, corporations that push the boundaries of science today also make an appearance. Primary and secondary schools also bring young students in hopes of passing the spirit of engineering to the next generation. When our young innovators meet the experienced engineers they strive to become and the children following in their footsteps, Engineering Open House begins.





Electrical and Computer Engineering Building (ECEB)

Newmark Civil Engineering Lab

Siebel Center

Digital Computer Laboratory (DCL)

Grainger Loading Dock

Talbot Lab

Campus Instructional Facility (CIF)

Materials Science & Engineering Building (MSEB)

Transportation Building

Everitt Laboratory

Sidney Lu Mechanical Engineering Building

Loomis Laboratory

Natural History Building

Engineering Hall


North Quad







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Special Events

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Keynote & Speaker Series

2022 Keynote Speaker

Our keynote speaker this year, Dr. Aadeel Akhtar, encompasses this year’s theme: The Power of Us. As the CEO of Psyonic, a startup focused on creating prosthetics that are accessible to all, Dr. Akhtar demonstrates the importance of combining medicine and technology to solve worldwide health issues. EOH recognizes the importance of healthcare technology, especially in these unprecedented times. Come learn about Dr. Akhtar’s journey in developing his company and bionic prosthetic technology.

Come see Dr. Aadeel Akhtar on Friday April 8, at the Campus Instructional Facility (CIF) Room 0027/1025 from 5pm - 6pm!

Tesla Coil Concert

Frequently Asked Questions

When is Engineering Open House 2022?

EOH 2022 will be on April 8-9, 2022.

Will EOH 2022 be in-person or online?

EOH will be in person this year with COVID safety guidelines in place. The majority of exhibits will be outdoors under tents, with the remaining exhibits indoors.

What is our COVID policy?

At Engineering Open House, we will be following all university guidelines in place at the time of the event. All UIUC students will be required to show their building access which ensures proper vaccinations status and/or a negative test. For visitors from outside of the college campus, we highly encourage a negative test and/or vaccination to ensure the safety of all participants and visitors. Sanitation stations will be located all throughout the event and medical professionals will be available onsite for any symptoms that may arise with any participants.

What kinds of exhibits can we expect?

We have an exhibit for every major this year! Ranging from robotic hands, solar cars, and a coffee-serving robot, to an oobleck pool and DIY plastic, we will have something for everyone to experience engineering.

What kinds of special events will you have?

We will have several different kinds of events, including a fire demo from the Illini Fire Service Institute, a Tesla Coil concert, a Startup Showcase, prospective student panels, and an EOH 100 plaque dedication ceremony among many others!

Parking Information

How can I commute around campus during EOH?

There is a shuttle service that will be provided on Friday and Saturday from 8am-5:30pm that runs continuously from lot E-14 to North Quad/Engineering Campus.

Where are the shuttle stops located?

Shuttle stops are located: In front of State Farm Center West side of Everitt Laboratory on Wright Street, West side of Campus Instructional Facility (CIF) on Wright Street, West side of ECEB on Wright Street East side of Siebel Center for Computer Science, The stops will be indicated by signs and are located on the map

Where can I park?

On Friday, April 8th, you can park for free at B-22 or E-14, or in any covered parking garage on campus. You may also park on street parking assuming you pay for the meters. On Saturday, April 9th, you may park in any University lot for free as parking is not enforced on the weekends.

I am arriving in a school bus with my class, where should the bus drop off?

On Friday, April 8th, you can park for free at B-22 or E-14, or in any covered parking garage on campus. You may also park on street parking assuming you pay for the meters. On Saturday, April 9th, you may park in any University lot for free as parking is not enforced on the weekends.

How far of a walk is it to EOH from the shuttle stops and lots?

All the lots mentioned above except for lot E-14 are within a block of Engineering Campus. Lot E-14 is about 1.5 miles from center of EOH action, which is why we provide the shuttle.

Do I need to pay for parking?

Parking is free in the lots mentioned above but you will have to pay for metered street parking.

Will there be any streets that are closed off or limited access?

Springfield Avenue will be closed from Wright St. to Mathews Ave. Mathews Ave. will also be closed from Green St. to Springfi eld Ave. These street closures will be enforced from 7am to 5pm. Only corporate sponsors, judging, emergency vehicles, and food trucks may access these routes.